Harvard Medical School’s Adult Autism Health Resources Website

In honor of Autism Awareness Month, the Office for External Education at Harvard Medical School has introduced a valuable resource for the adult autism community: Adult Autism Health Resources www.adult-autism.health.harvard.edu. I am so pleased to be featured on the home page of this resource website in a two-minute video talking about the important role caregivers provide with a link to an article on “Common Gastrointestinal Conditions” in people with autism. Funded generously by the Nancy Lurie Marks Family Foundation, the goal of the Adult Autism Health Resources website is to help adults navigate the health care system as well as communicate and advocate for high-quality care in collaboration with their clinical providers. The website offers actionable information about important health needs for autistic adults.

Included on the site are:

• Guidance on navigating transitions from pediatric to adult primary care.

• Assistance in finding autism-competent care and suitable medical facilities.

• Tools and resources for effective communication with health care providers.

• Insights into common medical conditions and their unique presentations in autistic adults.

Visit www.adult-autism.health.edu and scroll to the bottom of the website’s home page to view Dr. Buie’s video and see a link to the “Common Gastrointestinal Conditions” article.

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